Where to sleep in Taiwan (Kenting)

Almost perfect

Find where to sleep in taiwan it is not as easy as in other countries of Asiabut in Kenting it is different.

The hotel offer in the area of Kenting concentrates on the main Street through which , are distributed most Hotels.

Being an area very touristy and to which young people from all over the country and from Chinathe restaurant offer and hotels is much more abundant than in other parts of the island.

In our case, we stayed in the Meei Shye Hotel on the main street, since it was the one that we offered better price for triple room.

a few 50 meters from the beach is located in the Kenting’s heartright in the middle of all the hustle and bustle and 30 seconds from the bus stop of the Kenting Express which is heading to Kaoshioung.

hotel bathroom

The rooms are very spacious and they have air conditioning, television and refrigerator and have a service Wifi in each one of them.

ANDThe bathroom is very spacious. and has all kinds of details, to guarantee comfort , although it is a bit old.

Very comfortableThe only problem is that the people who run it, do not understand absolutely nothing of English and it turns out practically impossible to understand

Triple room

Triple room

In the same hotel, they have service from the motorcycle and bicycle rental, although we must know that without the international driver’s license, the foreigners will not be able to rent a motorcycle in Kenting.

The price of Meei Shye Hotel ranges between 8 and 12 euros per person per night, which for the quality of the hotel is almost a bargain, which we cannot miss, if we are looking for a place to sleep in Kenting.

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