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Which line moves faster in a supermarket?

It is true that in most cases when you go to the supermarket, and even more so when it is a fortnight, you look -in our opinion- for the queue that you think goes faster. But oh surprise one is given when it takes longer than one thought! Where is the key?


The reasoning of some is to get in line where there are many people with few items, while others in line with few people and many products. Where do you have to train?

Someone has already thought about this and gives us an explanation, in fact this blogger quotes a math expert, and comes to the conclusion that lines with few people and many products are, in most cases, faster. The reason is because the most time consuming thing is to pay. Customers take about 48 seconds to do so, while cashiers spend each product in 2.8 seconds on average.

Thus, a queue of 6 people with three products each will take about 5 minutes (306 seconds), while a queue of 2 people with 20 products will go through the checkout in just under 3 and a half minutes (208 seconds).

According to this reasoning, the so-called “fast checkouts”, in which there are usually many customers with few items each, can ultimately be slower. Unless they have several cashiers per queue, as occurs in some large hypermarkets.

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