Why Bacharach is worth visiting

An hour’s drive from Frankfurt, in the magical valley of the Rhine River, Bacharach awaits you with its picturesque streets and houses, as well as a natural landscape that will leave you stunned by its beauty.

This is a ideal place for a romantic getaway or for a weekend walk. The tour will allow you to discover a magical corner of Germany, worthy of a lover’s tale.

Bacharach, a place with history and nature

Wedged between the river and the hills, with barely 2,000 inhabitants, calm is to be expected at all hours here. The bustle is brought by tourism, since the place has become famous as one of the most beautiful villages in the valley.

Bacharach is one of a series of medieval towns along the River Rhine that have preserved their traditional constructions, castles and their natural environment, also protecting their biodiversity. For this reason, UNESCO declared the Middle Valley of the Rhine River, where the town is located, a World Heritage Site in 2002.

This area of ​​Germany was inhabited in ancient times by the Celts, and this culture bequeathed the name to the town: bacaracum, which means the ‘altar of Bacchus’, king of wine, since since those times the place was a wine production area famous for its excellent quality products.

A tour of the medieval village

It is worth visiting the small town of Bacharach, where its inhabitants strive to show a beautiful town, with balconies and gardens full of flowers. Besides, here you will find very complete tourist services, with accommodation for all tastes, restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy traditional German dishes and pastries.

Cheer up to a weincarrusel —’wine carousel’— which includes the tasting of 15 varieties of wine, accompanied by potatoes, cold meats and savory rolls, in the Zum Grunen Baum wine cellar, which has been there since 1421 and which serves a selection of the best Bacharach white wines .

If you want to know more about the Rhine river wine, you can plan a walk to nearby wineries. In them, they will show you the manufacturing processes and you will have the opportunity to make exquisite tastings.

On the other hand, on a walk through the town you will be able to see the picturesque half-timbered houses that will take you straight to other times, especially when you can see the oldest of them, which dates back to the year 1368!

In addition, you can walk the streets parallel to the Rhine River, the Langgstrasse close to the walls and the Oberstrasse, where you will find the colorful post office. Then walk through the market square and the Church of San Pedro, to finish up the path to the hill to go to see the medieval castle.

Visit Stahleck Castle

The path to the old castle and fortress of the Hohenstaufen is quite easy to do, since it is not very steep. When you reach the top, you will be impressed by a solid and very well preserved building that is more than 1000 years old..

Behind you, you have a panoramic view of the Rhine, the vineyards on the hills and the charming village of Bacharach. Today a part of the castle functions as a network youth hostel Jugendherbergen in Deutschland (DJH).

The ruins of Wernerkapelle

From the town, starting from the street of the Peterskircheyou climb some steps to reach the Werner Chapel. Construction of this Gothic-style building began in 1289in honor of a young man named Werner who was found murdered, was buried in the old Church of San Cuniberto and began to be venerated by the inhabitants of the town.

The Catholic Church never declared him a saint and eventually a fire destroyed the chapel in 1689; the ruined walls remained as a testimony of what happened. Today the place is a protected monument and a must-see for tourists coming to Bacharach.

«Without doors, without a roof or windows, an impressive skeleton contrasts its silhouette with the sky. Above it, the ruins of an ivy-covered castle serve as a crown. This is Bacharach, land of fairy tales, legends and sagas».
—Victor Hugo.
the rhine

How to get to Bacharach?

The very trip to this very special town is part of an itinerary that you will never forget. Whether you arrive by boat from Cologne or Dusseldorf admiring the beauty of the Rhine or by road from Frankfurt or Koblenz, the enjoyment begins when you hit the road.

Feast your eyes on the natural landscapes, the architecture and the cultural heritage of the town and its buildings. Taste its gastronomy washed down with excellent wines. Listen to the eternal murmur of the Rhine River that still flows through the majestic valley, keeping the secrets of romantic medieval towns, for centuries.

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