Why bet on sustainable fashion?

The degradation of the environment is a problem that is increasingly worrying the population, since it affects our health and our quality of life and one of the biggest causes of pollution is the fashion sector. According to a Greenpeace report, in Spain, each citizen generates an average of 14 kilos of textile waste per year. In addition, when a garment made with polyester is washed, microplastics are released that end up in the oceans, eaten by fish that we later ingest, which affects us directly. Another factor that makes the textile industry one of the most harmful to the planet is that, to produce conventional clothing fabrics, highly toxic pesticides are used that affect the organism of all living beings.

To help stop pollution and the overexploitation of natural resources, there are some measures that we can carry out and that are very simple to apply.

Advantages of buying ecological clothing

There are already many brands that are committed to manufacturing ecological clothing and thus minimizing the environmental impact of its manufacture.

This type of sustainable fashion is not a passing trend but is here to stay. Citizens bet on brands that care about the environment and that have both ethical and ecological values ​​and whose purpose is not only economic but also to contribute their grain of sand to build a sustainable society.

Below we want to explain what are some of the benefits of buying organic clothing:

Safe for the body

This type of clothing is made with organic fabrics such as cotton or linen that do not cause any type of skin condition. When we buy clothes made of poor quality fabrics and that have been made with chemical products and artificial dyes, we run the risk of suffering from dermatitis, itching, eczema, and even endocrine, neurological, and metabolic problems.

Affordable price

Believe it or not, there are many ecological clothing brands whose prices are affordable for any pocket. People tend to think that this type of clothing is very difficult to acquire, that the prices are very high and that the catalog is very limited, but this is not the case. Currently, costs have become much cheaper and you can find brands that make clothes of different styles, you will find proposals for children’s fashion, for women and men, footwear, clothes for the home, underwear, etc.

sustainable production

Ecological clothing brands are not only concerned with using suitable fabrics, they are also committed to ecofriendly manufacturing and cultivation that respects nature. In addition, they have a social commitment to fair trade and with decent working conditions for their workers, which guarantees that all the people involved in their manufacture obtain benefits.

Longer duration

These garments are consciously made and are made to last for many years. Thanks to the quality of their fabrics, they resist washing without the garment spoiling and having to be discarded after a short time, as happens with fast fashion.