Why do shoes hang on wires?

Who among us has not come across this image: a pair of shoes hanging from cables. Although at first glance it is a fashion or custom, it seems that there is a meaning behind it and that it could be associated with modes of crime or the presence of drug outlets.

However, we must point out that there does not seem to be a unique meaning of the practice of hanging shoes, but rather a name for the phenomenon: «shoefiti». It is the result of joining the words ‘shoe’ (shoe in English) with the ending of ‘graffiti’, this denomination originates in London, where its presence is considered an urban artistic manifestation similar to graffiti.

However, as we said, its placement usually indicates a regular place of drug sale. It is also said that they could be indicators of places where it is easy to commit a robbery.

There are other meanings for his presence. It is about its placement as urban signaling on the territory of gangs or more or less organized groups. This use is widespread in large cities in the United States such as New York and creates a division of urban space while serving as a warning about who is in control of a neighborhood.

There is also talk that they could function as “criminal hunting” trophies. When robbing a person, they tell him to remove his shoes and throw him there to record his “feat.”

However, not all of them have a dark meaning, some hang their shoes as a testimony of a graduation, the start of a new job, the celebration of a special day, or even the death of someone, and finally some hang them to play a game. funny joke and we are breaking our heads or not sleeping to find out the meaning of the shoes that are hanging near home.

And what explanation do you know? Share it with us. 😀