Why do the characters in Japanese cartoons have round eyes?

japanese drawingThis is due rather to the influence of a Japanese cartoonist than to the obsession of the Japanese for their small and slanted eyes. It can be said that this Japanese cartoonist Ozamu Tezuka is the pioneer of Japanese anime and manga (cartoon).

What characterized this cartoonist are his disproportionately large eyes, one of Tezuka’s most important legacies to Japanese manga or comics, largely influenced by Walt Disney cartoons.

As the story goes, Ozamu Tezuka began drawing as a child. Deeply scarred by the horrors of World War II, from the very first moment he tried to transmit with his drawings optimistic and humanitarian messages. He did his first important job at the age of 20. It was the Shin Takarajima series (“The New Treasure Island”), but most of its great and famous characters did not emerge until the 1950s, such as Janguru Taitei (“Kimba the White Lion”), Tetsuwan Atom (“Astroboy” ) and the no less famous Ribbon No Kishi (“The Princess Knight”), considered the first manga of the shojo genre in history.

osamu tezuka

His creations, animations and drawings had a great impact so that to this day the basis of his style remains in many Japanese cartoonists. And the greatest and most outstanding influence that left Ozamu Tezuka was the drawings with quite large and round eyes.