Why do the original titles of the movies change?


The creative and marketing experts of the distributors are the ones in charge of reviewing the original titles of foreign films and adapting them into Spanish.

Usually, titles are never literal translationsmany times translations from English to Spanish sound somewhat ridiculous, and instead of putting that they look for a more commercial name, since on many occasions it is difficult to adapt puns, winks to the language or phrases made in our language. another language that in Spanish are meaningless.

Sometimes they are just trying to get attention. An example of this is the famous film performed by macauley culkin which in English is called home alone which literally means “Home Alone” and in Spanish, the film is presented with the theme “My poor angel»and apparently this last title was very successful.

Do you know of any other title whose original title has been changed to a more “commercial” one? 😀 Share it with us.