Why do they say that Chartres Cathedral has telluric energy?

Chartres Cathedral is considered by many to be the most beautiful church in Europe, and even in the world. However, beyond that, for a large number of people, the charm of this fabulous construction is in the special atmosphere that is breathed there. They say its energy is unique and you feel it as soon as you enter that site.

What makes Chartres Cathedral so special? In addition to its extraordinary Gothic architecture, the place has interesting peculiarities, beginning with the site where it was built. The building was built on the ruins of at least four temples oldestone of them, a Celtic sanctuary from Roman times.

It is known that another of the preceding churches succumbed to fire in AD 350. Then another temple was built, which also burned down in 1194. Only the crypt and the western façade remained standing. These precarious rubble served as the basis for the construction of Chartres Cathedral in 1260, as it is known today.

relics and legends

Chartres Cathedral has been the subject of myths and legends, some very old. It has been said, for example, that in this place there was an image of the virgin Mary in a state of pregnancywhich was considered miraculous.

The figure was made of wood and there are those who think that it actually corresponded to a Celtic deity and not to the Catholic Virgin. The truth is the figure disappeared, presumably consumed by fire during the French Revolution.

It is also said that inside the cathedral was the head of Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. Likewise, it was stated that the sainte chemisethat is, the tunic worn by the Virgin when giving birth to Christ.

Of course, there is no evidence of it. However, this was not an obstacle for thousands of pilgrims to visit her in times past, attracted by the legends of her relics.

Chartres Cathedral and magical architecture

The architecture of Chartres Cathedral is full of symbolism and mystery. One of the first peculiarities that attract attention is the fact that all the distances between the pillars and the different lengths of the nave correspond to a mysterious number or to any of its multiples.

Such a number is 1.6180. Perhaps it corresponds to a figure that was formerly known as the ‘golden number’ or the ‘golden number’. On the other hand, the main altar was built on a natural current of underground water, which was reinforced through 12 artificial channels.

Likewise, there is an amazing phenomenon that occurs in this cathedral every June 21, the day of the summer solstice. At exactly 12 noon, a ray of light enters through a small hole in the main nave.

The beam of light illuminates a tile on the floor that is different from all the others and hits exactly on a small mark that is on one side of that tile.

Another unique element is its labyrinth, a construction that has 11 concentric circles, whose maximum diameter is 264 meters. The size of the circumference that surrounds the labyrinth is equal to that of the stained glass window located on the west side of the temple.

The ‘earthquake energy’

Many people visit Chartres Cathedral and are impressed by the energy that is breathed there. Perhaps it is the majestic construction or the colossal stained glass windows that make plays of light at all hours. Perhaps it is the sacred meaning of the construction itself, or perhaps those who attribute a ‘telluric energy’ to it are somewhat right.

Telluric energy, say those who believe in this concept, is a kind of emanation that comes from deep within the Earth’s crust in some places. In the case of this cathedral, said energy would come from 14 underground water springs what’s under construction.

This is supposed to lead those who enter that place to feel their mind change and become more mystical and spiritual. Whether true or not, the truth is that few places in the world were thought of and built with such thoroughness and symbolism. The beauty of this cathedral is truly intoxicating. If there are special energies, let those who have the fortune to visit it say so.

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