Why is it important to sneeze?

SneezePerhaps we are in a public place and then we feel that tickle in our nose, and we feel that we are going to sneeze, but mistakenly, many of us try to avoid sneezing, be it out of shame, or for any other reason, but Why is it important to sneeze?

Well, first let’s define sneezing. A sneeze is a way of removing something that is irritating the sensitive parts of our nasal passages, that can be dust or pollen. In fact, sneezing is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system.

Every time we sneeze, the air shot out of our nose and mouth can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Hence how dangerous it is to contain or avoid a sneeze in the middle, because by “plugging” your nose or closing your lips you can create air pressure tremendous in your mouth and in your throat.

this pressure can force bacteria from your nose back into the cavities covered with mucosa or into the ears. The result? A strong infection.

However, when it comes to sneezing, it is always a good idea to turn to one side and sneeze into your sleeve, or cover your mouth with a disposable handkerchief, not made of cloth. If possible, let’s not use our hands to cover ourselves when we sneeze, because that way we can infect others, if we have done so, we should immediately wash our hands from the nails to the wrists.

So the next time you are in a public place and feel the need to sneeze, do it! Never hold your sneeze, but always take hygienic measures, like the ones we have mentioned. 😀