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Why is it not recommended to use homemade spoons for syrup?

The site under the title ‘Do not use household spoons for syrup‘ details several reasons why we shouldn’t.

In the first place, he explains that the administration of syrups to the little ones with this homemade utensil has been detected as one of the main causes of erroneous dosing and poisoning in minors.

Now, why do many people do this? A good number use them believing that this way they will not make errors in the dose or if they do, they will not affect them because they are tiny. However, if they use a teaspoon or the amount of medication seems to be small, many patients and parents tend to compensate for this apparent deficiency by using a new dose.

Juan Casado, head of the Service at the Niño Jesús Children’s Hospital and professor of pediatrics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, acknowledges that “medicines in children are dosed by weight, almost all of them, some by body surface area, which is based on of weight and height. Therefore, the dose is fixed for the weight and an approximate quantity cannot be administered, but rather the corresponding one. Therefore it must be measured with a meter, a syringe or with the dispenser, and never approximate. The feeding scoop can only be used as a carrier, not as a doser», he concludes.

In fact, in this regard, a study was carried out in which several university students participated. It consisted of them adding an exact amount of syrup in two different spoons, one medium and the other small. What happened? Participants deposited an 8% smaller dose when they used the medium spoon and up to 11% more when they deposited the liquid in the larger one. And that they had been trained not to make that mistake. Which shows how dangerous it is to not make sure or measure the amount of liquid.

The researchers conclude that if “the efficacy of a drug is associated with its correct dosage, it is very important to make patients or their relatives aware of the need for them not to resort to homemade spoons to consume them and instead to use the dispensers that Medications are attached.

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