Why was December 25 chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

As we know Jesus was not born on December 25, and this is for several solid reasons. However, a question remained pending: Why was December 25 chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Well, the same Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano explains: «The date of December 25, as is well known, was chosen by the pagan Church of Rome, this day was dedicated to the sun god. Although Christianity was already established in Rome after the edict of Constantine, the myth of the Sun god was still widespread, especially among Roman soldiers. The festivities that revolved around December 25 were so rooted in popular tradition that the Church of Rome thought to give that date a Christian religious meaning. For this, the Sun god was replaced by the true Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, choosing this day as the date of his birth.

And what about the Christmas tree?

The same newspaper explains: «On Christmas Eve, December 24, Adam and Eve were to be reminded of the famous episode of the Tree of the Earthly Paradise. The tree should have been an apple tree, but since in winter it would have been useless for lack of foliage, a fir tree was put in its place. From its branches hung either apples or wafers that symbolized the future arrival of Redemption. These wafers represented the Eucharistic presence of Jesus. The tree was also decorated with sweets and gifts for children. What happened next?

Speaking of the tradition of the Christmas tree beginning in Almenia in the 16th century, the Vatican newspaper indicates that Italy was one of the last nations to host the Christmas tree, due in part to the widespread rumor that the tree was a Protestant custom and, therefore, should be replaced by the manger or birth. It was Pope Paul VI who started the tradition of raising [en la plaza de San Pedro] a large Christmas tree next to the manger.

So the pagan festivals were replaced and to make them Christian festivities. For this and other reasons, some people decide not to celebrate these festivities, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, and they also explain that it is not necessary to wait only for these dates to express to their loved ones that they love them. The harmony and peace that prevails at this time should manifest throughout the year, don’t you think?

Source: JW