Within hours of #BlogTripLP – The roadmap

Came the day. At night, the first blogtrip to La Plataand with @VisionBeta we will be there to put your body to the arduous task of touring the city of diagonals and rediscovering its stories.

We will stay at the Frankville Hostel, the first hostel in the city that is also a space for travelers and people interested in cultural exchange.

Here we pass the Roadmap so that they have an overview of what they will later be able to read in the travel chronicles:

On Saturday, the secret stories of the founding of the silverwhich its Masonic founders spin and which are covered by a cloak of mystery that contains lodges, religious, and very striking signs for locals and strangers.

After lunch, we will leave the city center to the green of its surroundings. A visit to the unique Stadium and the Children’s Republic. Place that according to legend, was able to inspire Walt Disney in the creation of his parks.
At night, we will be entertained by the people of Liberio Resto PopBar.

On Sunday we will go to Berisso, a city that makes up Greater La Plata, and the recipient of a large number of immigrants in those waves of immigration that populated our province and country. We will take advantage of visiting it during the closing of the Provincial Immigrant Festival (20 communities offering their typical food and drinks in a festive setting.)

Both the Directorate of Tourism of La Plata and the Secretary of Tourism of the Province of Buenos Aires have declared of interest what we are going to do and experience next weekend. You can follow our steps on Twitter with the hashtag #blogtripLP .

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