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Woman wore a live beetle inlaid with gold as a jewel

US customs officers detained a woman entering the country because she was wearing a live beetle as a brooch encrusted with precious stones.

The woman came from Mexico and was detained at a border post in Brownsville, Texas.


The live insect – which was studded with precious stones and gold – was attached to his sweater by a gold chain, and it was able to walk. The woman stated that it was alive and that she had bought it in Mexico as a brooch, but it was immediately confiscated by pest control.


The officials refused to allow the woman to keep the jewel as she did not possess the correct documents. However, she was not charged with any fine or penalty because she gave the correct statement regarding the insect. The beetle was sent to the inspection station.

Decorated beetles have been a popular theme dating back centuries. It is believed -I did not know- that it is relatively common in Mexico to decorate beetles in this way. Were you aware of this practice here in Mexico?


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