Wroclaw Gnomes – 360 scattered around the city.

One of the most special cities in Poland is Wroclaw (wrocław). On our trip around the country she was one of the last we visited and we were as surprised as we were pleased. This city (like almost all of Poland) has a large square where the activity never stops, but without a doubt its most important hallmark is the 360 Wroclaw gnomes that are scattered throughout the city. bigsmile

Wroclaw market square

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What is the history of the Wroclaw gnomes?

First of all, you have to know that elves are part of the folklore Polish. Legend has it that there was once a imp called oder that he had the population quite bitter with his evil deeds for a long time and that the inhabitants asked the locals for help. krasnoludekthe gnomes. They put an end to Oder’s misdeeds by returning the tranquility to the city. They also say that the gnomes were the first population of the region.

In the 80’s when the protests against the government communistthe leaders erased the protest graffiti that the dissatisfied citizens made on the walls and the latter began to paint gnomes where they had erased a graffiti.

wroclaw gnomes

Years later, in 2001 it was decided to pay homage to these figures by establishing a sculpture of a gnome And in 2005 decided to place five more which soon gave rise to a real upheaval in the city as they enchanted everyone. Little by little, more and more gnomes were added until reaching the more than 350 Wroclaw gnomes there are right now.

wroclaw gnomes

Wroclaw Gnome Festival

Every year it is celebrated Wroclaw Dwarf Festival in early September. On those days, tribute is paid to these characters with a wide variety of events. Here you can see the announcement of the 2013 festival, very curious indeed.

This year in 2020 the festival was canceled due to Covid19, face-to-face events were replaced by online activities. We hope that in 2021 the festival can be celebrated again as normally as possible.

how to find them

Walking around the city you just have to look a little to find them, but it is very possible that many will escape you. So here you have a Map with all the locations of the figures that are in the city.

You can also approach a tourist office and ask for a physical map. Lastly, you should also know that there is a mobile app with which you can find them: Wroclawskie Krasnale is called the application and is available at google play (I don’t know if it is available for Iphone).

on your visit to wrocław you will spend a lot of time searching and taking photos with the nice gnomesbut you should know that there are many more things and places what to see in the city. But we will tell you about that in a future post. wink

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