Ximending (Taipei) the modern neighborhood of Taiwan’s capital

ximending ,japanese air

The japanese influence that treasures taiwan is as big as the one that comes from China, and is visible in districts such as Ximending.

former Japanese colonyTaiwan, feels comfortable, with the Japanese heritage and customs and the city, presents signs Y customs very similar to those of Japan.

The city of Taipei for many it is very similar to tokyo for its many shops illuminated with neonits great technology or for his modern atmosphere.

Shopping area

The commercial area of XimendingIt is perhaps the area of ​​Taipei most similar to the districts of Tokyo, more «fashion» and where you can see up close the new tendencies.

So we could say that the fashion district of Taipei is within any route through Taiwan for free.

This district is nicknamed As the harajuku of Taipei and compared to the area of Shibuya which gives us samples of the spectacularity of this neighborhood.

With a colonial air in many of its buildings, the main symbol of Ximending we found it in the Theater Housearound which , all the hubbub revolves.

accessory stores

accessory stores

this great shopping area is a luxury for lovers of shopping that here you will find stores with the most important brands and the new trends in terms of clothing and accessories of the world scene.

Ximending, was the first pedestrian zone that was in Taipei and the shops, businesses and restaurants follow one another in this spectacular neighborhood.

In the alleys that surround the central part, small shops are set up at night, achieving an atmosphere more typical of a night market.

In addition to enjoying one of the best shopping areas in the city , Ximending is also popularly famous for being one of the places in the city with the best anime shops from Taiwan.

The comics toys, dresses and Anime videos, flood the Ximending stores, crowded at sunset by teenagers looking for the latest news.

anime shop

anime shop

An ideal point for enjoy at night has very good restaurants of all styles at a good price and some recommended places to have a drink.

With a fascinating atmospherethe coming and going of people is continuous, strolling through the district and enjoying one of the most emblematic and modern neighborhoods of Taipei.

street food

street food

How to get

The most practical way is to take the subway blue line address yonging and get off at the station Ximen.

As soon as we leave the Ximen station, we will find ourselves in the middle of Ximending Business District.

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