Zahara de los A. and Cazorla, preferred destinations in Andalusia

Beach or mountain? In Andalusia, tourists have been clear about it, both of them, and have turned Zahara de los Atunes and Cazorla into their favorite destinations.

Tourism has fallen everywhere and in many places the accounts do not come out, even in Andalusia, which is one of the regions of Spain that receives the most visits and more specifically in summer. Although there are two destinations that have not completely escaped this summer crisis, two destinations that are very different from each other: one inland, Cazorlaand one of sun and beach, Zahara of the Tuna.

Zahara de los Atunes is a district that belongs to the town of Barbate and that, like many other places on the Cadiz coast such as Conil de la Frontera or Tarifa, attracts thousands of tourists for its sun, its beaches and also its vidilla. In the particular case of Zahara de los Atunes, it also attracts famous people and people who are not so famous but, to say the least, wealthy.

The Beach of the Virgin of Carmenor simply Playa de Zahara, an extensive sandbank, is a beach where the blue flag always shines, full of people who enjoy themselves all day long and wait to see one of those sunsets that should not be missed. But beyond the beach, the district, without losing its essence of seaside townis full of bars and restaurants, to have drinks or to enjoy the rich gastronomy of Cadiz.

It is obvious that Cazorla, due to its location, is a different destination and that it generally attracts a different tourist, or at least with different intentions. We talk about a mountain and sierra destinationin the heart of the province of Jaén, so in this place we are going to enjoy more being in contact with nature and a Active turismwithout neglecting the time to relax.

In the place where the Guadalquivir river is born, Water it is an important element and has modeled for thousands of years the landscape that is enjoyed today. Must hiking and enjoy the views at the many viewpoints along the paths, just as you have to stop in towns like Cazorla, Iznatoraf or Hornos de Segura, and enjoy your castles and regain strength with a good plate of Segureño lamb, the delicacy of the area.

Many people ask themselves before traveling: Beach or mountain? In Andalusia this summer, visitors have been clear about it, both one and the other, turning Zahara de los Atunes and Sierra de Cazorla into the most visited destinations, and that they have been able to save this crisis and this rare summer of 2020 better than other places. .

Photo 1 | Flickr – Eneko Bidegain
Photo 2 | Flickr – Andara Rutas

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