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crossed by the Ebro river, Saragossa It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and has to its credit, with many attractions to show the traveler.

First level historical heritage combined with culture and traditionsmake the Aragonese capital an essential point to visit.

Location Zaragoza in Spain

With a past more than interesting behind it, Zaragoza, has the honor of housing remains from different eras, from BC ruins roman and remains visigoths etc… that make it a destination very rich historically talking.

perfectly communicated with the rest of the country, the city also has a good public transport infrastructure through its buses and trams.

Roman theatre

Roman theatre

Their nerve center we found it in the Pillar Squarewhere the emblem and banner of the city is located , La Basilica of the Pillarwith the famous Virgin of Pilarica inside.

The river Ebro also plays an important role for “hands” because, around him, the population of the city is generated and concentrated. A perfect place to walk and enjoy the sunset.

Basilica del Pilar at sunset

Basilica del Pilar at sunset

what to see

  • Pillar Square
  • Basilica of the Pillar
  • Ebro river
  • Roman theatre
  • tube street
  • the aljaferia
  • The Roman Saragossa
  • La Seo (Cathedral)
  • Universal Exhibition area
  • Coso Street
  • Stone bridge
  • roman walls
  • Independence Walk
  • Aragon Square
  • The Market of Merchants

Among others…

your country dance “The Jack” It’s quite a show and it’s one of the most popular native dances from all over Spain.

Gastronomically, Zaragoza, like the whole country, offers us endless good dishes full of flavors and tradition that will satisfy the most demanding diner.

Migas, Roast Lamb, or Ternasco de Aragón are some of the tastiest dishes in the region without forgetting that the capital of tomorrow is a true specialist in the art of “tapping”

The Aljaferia

The Aljaferia

A hotel levelthe city from Water Expoenjoys excellent health, capable of welcoming the thousands of tourists who visit it every year.


Map of the city

Map of the city

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Travel at all costs- Zaragoza capital of Aragon

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